Scenar Pain and Injury Therapy

This is a new generation of non-invasive, interactive neuro-stimulation technology, devised by the Russians for their cosmonauts during the space race. Scenar generates electrical impulses that are similar to nerve impulses and engages the body in a ‘conversation’ that leads to better function and accelerated healing. In A&E wards in Russia, its ability to aid recovery is used to help those with burns, fractures, bites, allergic reactions, trauma, and many types of injury.

Scenar therapy is effective for a wide range of conditions, particularly: musculoskeletal injury, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, neurological and skin problems. It has also been found to be beneficial with hormonal and metabolic disorders as well as stress and depression.

…devised by the Russians for their cosmonauts during the space race

The therapy has undergone trials by the US Army at the University of Virginia Medical School, and other clinical trials have taken place in Australia, Austria and throughout the USA. It is also used by a number of world-class sports professionals to accelerate rehabilitation after injury and to keep them in peak condition.

Initial consultations last one hour and follow-up appointments last for 30 minutes.

Service Locations

This service is offered at the following locations. Please visit the respective page for more detail:
Nature’s Temple